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As a person who mostly stands behind the camera, I made some good friends who like to stand in front of it. In this position I had the chance to see how can everyman grow to the top of the Insta-tube-famous list in Israel, but more importantly - I saw how the real life looks like when the camera turn's off. 
I told myself that I have to tell this story without ignoring the vlogging camera point of view. 
So I decided to show both sided but switched between the story that my hero is telling and the story that is really happening.The consequence was that for the first time - the vlogging camera is showing the truth.


Ran Finkelstein is an Israeli filmmaker who writes and directs videos that deal with the Internet culture.
In his early years, he created video content for various digital medias and later on he went to study Filmmaking in Berlin, where he took part in many productions, whether they were with other students or with production companies such as Warner Bros. 
Ran's work is influenced by the digital world because of his rich experience as a Digital Content Editor and he manages to tell unique stories relevant to the new world while not ignoring the techniques of the cinematic storytelling.
Two of his major projects are the Israeli YouTube Rewind and the short film "clickbait".


PÖFF shorts / Tallinn, Estonia
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