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A Short Film By Ran Finkelstein
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For more than a year now, Yoav wakes up every morning and checks how many views his last video got. Thanks to these videos, he manages to earn a living and is famous in his country. But, in the past month Yoav awakes to see that his views are dropping and the audience is abandoning his channel; he sees that even the seductive clickbait language he specializes in, is no longer garnering views and clickability. 

The film follows Yoav in yet another day of depression and confusion, which is the way most of his days are going now. Yoav finally decides to share his thoughts out loud for the first time in conversation with his roommate Eran, who doesn’t really understand the internet world but still supports Yoav. Afterwards, we see how despite the difficulty, Yoav shows business as usual in his videos, and even tells his viewers about the important meeting he will soon have with his agent Meni about a huge campaign he is going to book. When Yoav walks into Meni’s office, we understand that he lied to the viewers. We see how the agent who supposed to take care of Yoav, his talent, is doing exactly the opposite. Meni taunts Yoav and blames him for the drop in cash flow and suggests that maybe Yoav should quit this line of work and find a real job. 

Yoav leaves the office in anger, and ironically comes across a “wanted” ad. While looking at the ad and giving a real thought about quitting and finding a real job, a little boy comes to him and tells him that he is a fan of his. This little meeting puts a smile on Yoav’s face. This fan interaction is recorded, of course, by Yoav on his camera in order to continue showing that everything is good in his life. 

Yoav then arrives home and continues filming his daily vlog while asking the viewers about which shirt to wear to the ‘Kids Choice Awards’. But as soon as Yoav turns off the camera, we understand that despite his online appearance, his true mental state is not so good. At last, in the course of self-dialogue in front of the mirror, an idea comes to his mind that will bring back his viewers. 

Yoav understands that only an extreme act will make his viewers watch him again. He decides to upload a suicide-letter-video. Revealing his mental state to his viewers for the first time, Yoav is raw and open and says that upon completion of the vlog, he will hang himself. He captions of the video with his most desperate attempt at clickbait: 'The Last Video: will i kill myself?' and clicks ‘post’. 

Eran upon seeing the video realizes that his friend had committed suicide. He quickly runs home to try to save his roommate. when he arrives, he finds...


Starring Dean Gerber | Sean Softi | Ran Levy | Noam Alon

Director of Photography Eyal Malka

Assistant Director Ronnie Zidon

Producer Lior Alon
Sound Design Tzvi Forer

Assistant Camera Lior Leonardo Marcus

Gaffer Sapir Flishman

Art Shay Shoshani
Production Assistant Eden Omer Levi

Written & Directed By Ran Finkelstein




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Design by: Ross Moger

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